James Bant Hanson


James Bant Hanson was born in Bath Maine on December 17, 1904, the son of Henry Hanson Sr. and his wife Margaret Houston Love.

“Jimmie” was one of 4 children along with older Brother Dr. Henry Hanson MD, older sister Margaret Evangeline Hanson (Weatherbee), and younger sister Lillian Palmer Hanson (Hulit).



On November 23, 1925, in Dover New Hampshire, James married his college sweetheart Margaret Constance Mulvaney (who shared his love of music).

They lived in Quincy and then Paisley Massachusetts for several years.  They soon had filled their home with 2 sons and 4 daughters.

Their children were:  James B. Hanson II, Henry Richard HansonMargaret “Marga” Love Hanson (McKenna), Christina (George), Hildegarde “Scottie” Lillian (Kopsick) and Johanna (Sokol)

They moved to New York and then the family home was in Lynnbrook and then in Oceanside on Long Island. One of those daughters, Marga went on to be a famous harpist, performing with the New York Philharmonic and famous recording artists before cancer cut her down while she when she was 24. All six Hanson children grew up to love music and carried their parents legacy into their own families.

James and Margaret divorced in 1953. He married Barbara (Nutting) Harmon on October 18, 1953.  He helped raise her two children, Judy and Phil.

Jim and Barb went on to have 3 children: Eric JamesWeltha Lou, and Edward Nutting. In 1960 the family moved from Portland to Poland, where Jim and Barbara hoped to start a Music Camp on Tripp Lake.  They purchased 66 acres including several right on the shores of the lake, but the financial challenges proved too much and the camp was never founded.

Jim died nine months after retiring on April 3, 1973, at age 68.



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